Mike Pickup

Mike Pickup’s interest in nature was sparked at a young age on afternoon walks in the English countryside when his father attempted to answer Mike’s many queries about birds and nature in general. In Georgetown, Ontario, Mike remained aware of the surrounding natural environment and spent many days hiking and exploring the Bruce Trail. After his move to Bruce County, his interest in birding was rekindled. Mike is a volunteer for Bird Studies Canada doing Nocturnal Owl Surveys, Breeding Bird Surveys, and Forest Monitoring Surveys; as well he has been a volunteer worker on both the first and second Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario projects. Spring, summer, fall, and winter, the Bruce Peninsula draws Mike Pickup outdoors for bird-watching. For years, Mike has shared his knowledge with others, leading hikes for the Bruce Birding Club as well as the Huron Fringe Birding Festival . Now, in Birding Wetlands in Bruce & nearby Grey, he takes readers along on a tour of one of Ontario’s best areas for birding.