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    All our books are entirely produced in Canada.

    Member Ontario Book Publishers Organization

    The Brucedale Press       guidelines for authors

    NOTE manuscript queries must be sent vial postal mail ONLY. Do NOT send offerings of any sort electronically until requested.

    Please keep the following in mind when offering work for publication:

    The Brucedale Press presents literary, historical, and pictorial works with a strong focus on the Queen’s Bush and Bruce Peninsula area of Ontario, Canada. All our books are the creations of Canadian authors and illustrators.

    1. Unless responding to an invitation to submit, query first by Canada Post with outline and sample chapter for book-length manuscripts. Send full manuscript for work intended for children. A brief resume of your writing efforts and successes is always of interest, and may bring future invitations, even if your present offering is not accepted for publication.
    2. Manuscripts must be in English and thoroughly proofread before being sent—no first drafts, please! Use Canadian spellings and style.
    3. All manuscripts must be computer printed or typed on one side only of white 8.5 x 11 paper. Double-space each page, with generous margins and page numbers in upper right corner. If the work is available electronically, please state the software used to generate it. Do NOT send CDs disks, USBs or original photographs unless requested by us.
    4. Put your name, address, phone number, title, and word count on a cover page, and the title on each following page.
    5. Previously published work must be so identified, stating where and when it appeared and giving the copyright holder’s name and address. Simultaneous submissions must also be identified, but are not as likely to be accepted.
    6. Send with each work both a self-addressed, stamped postcard for acknowledgement the manuscript has arrived and a self-addressed, stamped envelope large enough and with correct Canadian postage for the return of your manuscript if you want it back. Otherwise, note in your cover letter that the manuscript may be destroyed if not accepted, and send only a #10 business-size SASE for notification.
    7. Unsolicited manuscripts are read after the current publishing season—usually no earlier than November. Allow three months for consideration of book-length projects. Notification deadlines for shorter projects are announced with invitations to send work.
    8. The Brucedale Press buys North American print rights and pays on publication for short projects, and quarterly royalties for books. Payment for some projects may be in copies.

    IMPORTANT Queries and manuscripts are accepted by postal mail ONLY.