Laura Robinson

Laura Robinson’s more than thirty years as a Nordic skier, cycling, triathlete, and rower provide a backdrop for her writing in the sociology of sport. As much at home in front of a keyboard as on snowy trails, she has covered major events from Olympics to the North American Indigenous Games. Always, the stories of why people move their bodies with grace, speed, and strength through space and time matter more than stats or shattered records.

Recognized internationally as an expert in the connections among sport, violence, and sexuality, she has travelled world-wide as guest lecturer on- and off-campuses. Her books, Crossing the Line: Violence and Sexual Assault in Canada’s National Sport, Black Tights: Women, Sport, and Sexuality, Crossing the Line, and She Shoots, She Scores: Canadian Perspectives on Women and Sport have provoked thoughtful people to re-examine sports practices Canadians—and others—take for granted.

She coaches young athletes, especially at the Chippewa of Nawash First Nation, Cape Croker. Among her most treasured honours is the Nawash Social Services volunteer award received at their Chief’s Feast, 2008.

FrontRunners Niigaanibatowaad is Laura Robinson’s first play and the basis of the film of the same ti