David W. Beverly-Foster

“My feet led me to the land, the land led me to thoughts, and here I am to show you.”
Having lived in Grey County, Ontario, since birth, Dave loves to wonder at the world and consider our place in it. A musician, labourer, traveller, and settler, he seeks to synthesize the intellectual, the artistic, and the lived. The musical collaboration of Dave with Misha Radojkovic as “From Forest and Field” has resulted (so far) in one album, In the Barn and On Our Way. Most of Dave’s labour has involved carpentry or farming. A lifelong settler on traditional land of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, he has also lived at times in other territories.

Dave’s studies at the University of Waterloo focused on ecosocial systems and the modern relationship with nature. On a more personal level, he reflects on his experience of the land and its inhabitants as encountered in a walk home after formal courses ended. His explorations of sustainability, justice, and self continue.