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Available May 2018



 walking home

Walking Home

by David W. Beverly-Foster

Walking home from Waterloo, Ontario, where he attended university, Dave Beverly-Foster followed the Grand River then traced the North Saugeen River. For twelve days, he trekked over 200 kilometres—on roads and rail trails, over bridges, through swamp, forest, and farmland, camping wherever he found shelter.


In this book, he reflects upon his experiences—earnest and absurd—and considers humans’ relationship with the land.
His photographs show the diverse rural terrain and the range of April weather he encountered.


240 pages including 8 pages of colour images.


ISBN 978-1-896922-69-0 quality soft cover $20.00




Recent releases

 unforgotten dream

unforgotten dream

by Judy Lowry

unforgotten dream
The Brucedale Press is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of a poetry collection by Judy Lowry, a longtime writer and artist from Grey County. Titled unforgotten dream, the book presents many new works along with some previously published.


A free flowing collection, unforgotten dream offers one poem leading to another, not always smoothly, reminiscent of dissonant music. As is much of Lowry's work, this writing is personal and autobiographical, also concerning itself with the human condition. Social commentary and raw emotion stand side by side whether the poet looks back or contemplates the future .


ISBN 978-1-896922-63-8 softcover $15.00





OXENDEN The Way It Was

by Lynne Porter


OXENDEN The Way It Was
The tale of two villages that evolved into one community. 38 vignettes recall the early years of Native occupation, the settlers who displaced the original inhabitants, and the more recent families who enjoy the scenic setting. Winding through time, the stories and original drawings by the author depict buildings past and present.


Accounts of hardship and misery, hope and dreams show the profound connections among residents over a century and a half. OXENDEN The Way It Was concludes in the 1950s, as a new era changed everything.


ISBN 978-1-896922-67-6 In Canada $18.00 until 1 September, then $20.00
96 pages with four archival maps and forty-one detailed drawings.




Christmas Seasonings

Christmas Seasonings

Michael O'Neill offers 14 heart-warming short stories of ordinary people--past and present--as they anticipate and celebrate the meanings of Christmas.


Home for Christmas
The Visitors
Grandpa and the Kid
A Christmas Picture
A Midwinter's Dream
The Christmas Hitchhiker
The Christmas Card
A Christmas Homing Device
Christmas Kitchen
Christmas Clothes
Keeping the Nativity
Christmas Downtown

ISBN 978-1-896922-66-9 Large Print Edition $17.00



Birding Southern Bruce County

Birding Southern Bruce County

New from the author of Birding the Bruce Peninsula and Birding Saugeen Shores


Mike Pickup draws on decades of passionate birding to guide fourteen tours, taking you to the best places in southern Bruce County to spot birds in all seasons.


* Driving directions and maps.
* Colour photographs to help identify what you see
* Checklist to record your sightings.
* Spiral-bound for comfortable fit in pocket, backpack, or glove-box.


ISBN 978-1-896922-64 -5 64 pages $13.00
The Brucedale Press



Recent Releases



CORKY by M. Suzanne Sloan

CORKY—a dog who touches many lives—in a book that shows the redemptive power of human/animal connections.


The dog's present and past owners—an immigrant farmer, a boutique owner, and a tourist-lodge worker— can scarcely believe their Airedale is charged with killing a man. Will the bond between Corky and one of his humans save the day?


Please join us for the launch of CORKY on Saturday, October 3, 2015 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the Flesherton Arty Gallery.
22 Collingwood Street (Grey Road 4), Flesherton.


Quality softcover, 218 pages $20.00
ISBN 978-1-896922-62-1
The Brucedale Press



Skyhill Stories

Skyhill Stories

Skyhill Stories text and art by Lillian Burgess

What began as a simple desire on the part of Lillian Burgess and her husband to build a house and work the land turned into a decades-long relationship with a small piece of the earth they named Skyhill Farm. The slow process of shaping and in turn, being shaped by this farm, has given all beings who live there a home, a place where they truly belong.


Skyhill Stories offers a quilt-like piecing together of many years of observations. Some early readers have suggested this book is a love story...

The Brucedale Press invites you to join in celebrating the launch of Skyhill Stories by Lillian Burgess.
Sunday, December 6, 2-15 at Jest Arts in Durham, Ontario.


2-4 p.m. with reading, autographing, and light refreshments


A portion of the day's proceeds will support programs of the South Grey Bruce Youth Literacy Council.



Fully illustrated in colour quality softcover

$45.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-63-8

The Brucedale Press




Tooling Around

For further details about the book or to place orders, please contact

Tooling Around

Tooling Around with Michael O'Neill takes readers down into trenches, up ladders, and around a hilly farm in midwestern Ontario. One day in the barn, the next in a wet basement, Mike applies humour in all situations. Equally handy with pitchfork, pipe wrench, and pen, he spins tales of on-the-job challenges and family fun.

Meet his helper Lady Bertha, the heifers that almost got away, and the grandsons who want him to play in the tree house. You'll chuckle as you follow Mike into crawl spaces and attics. Ride with him as Big Zed tackles thistles and a not-quite-all-terrain vehicle gives him a few surprises.

Michael O'Neill's stories have appeared in the weekly Lucknow Sentinel, a pair of independently published books, and the collection Our Farmily Farm: stories from Bruce & Grey.

The Brucedale Press

$18.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-61-4