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Aggie's Dream

Agnes Macphail in High School
By Donna Mann

Aggie's Dream cover

Aggie's years at Owen Sound Collegiate: classes, debates, friendships. Can you imagine her excitement when she entered the grand assembly hall where debaters and orators shared the stage?

This new book shows Agnes Macphail's determination not to let town ways intimidate her as she moved closer to her dream of teacher training. By doing well academically, playing basketball, and taking part in the Literary Society, she proved she could do anything she set her mind and heart to.


194 pages
$20.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-46-1

Aggie's Storms

By Donna Mann

Aggie's Storms cover

As a young girl walking along a country road to school in Grey County, Ontario, she dreamed of teaching children like her sisters and their friends. Family, classmates, and neighbours knew Aggie as a determined, clever, fair-minded girl who spoke her mind.

None of them knew that, one day, the people of her community would elect her, Agnes Macphail, Canada's first woman Member of Parliament.

by Donna Mann

"There'll be lots of storms in life, you just have to pick the ones you're going to venture into," Grandma Campbell told her.

Aggie's Storms takes readers back to 1900, when ten-year-old Aggie lived in a log cabin in the Queen's Bush. Follow her schooldays at SS #4, Proton Township, her work in the family's garden and home, and her challenges as a girl with a dream. The author of two books for adults and many articles in newspapers, Donna Mann has led the movement to mark sites important in the life of Agnes Macphail.

136 pages, softcover, full-colour cover
$15.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-37-9

Aggie's Voice

Agnes Macphail in Stratford
By Donna Mann
Agnes Macphail's Story Continues

Aggie's Voicecover

In 1908, knowing that women teachers faced restrictions and unequal pay, Agnes Macphail lived her determination. At Stratford Collegiate, she told fellow students, "I believe that one's ability, attitude and natural gifts dictate a direction a student should go." To Aunt Maggie, whose home she shared while attending Stratford Normal School, Agnes declared, "I want to be the best teacher I can be."

This book follows Agnes through practice teaching, promenades with her beau, and her growing awareness of society's problems. . .and her commitment to become a strong voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Donna Mann's has recreated Agnes Macphail's childhood in Aggie's Storms and her Owen Sound years in Aggie's Dream. Now, Aggie's Voice completes the series.

Donna Mann says, "This trilogy is for young minds and the young-at-heart who want to learn about or remember Agnes Macphail."

Cover design by Irv Mills C&I Graphics. Images courtesy of Grey Roots and Stratford-Perth Archives.

178 pages softcover
 $20.00 in Canada
 ISBN 978-1-896922-57-7

Agnes Annis Mother and Missionary

By Lynn Wyvill

Agnes Annis Mother and Missionary cover

A proper, private woman and busy as the day is long, Agnes Gregg Davis Annis birthed and raised children in China, amidst riots and beheadings. In the Canadian countryside, meetings added to the mix of a growing family in a minister's highly visible home.

This grandmother, who died when the author was five years old, never spoke about the orphanage where she lived for ten years of her childhood, nor of her father's second family. Readers can reopen the pages of the family album and look into her very eyes, understand her challenges and reach part of our past through the legacy of Agnes Annis: Mother and Missionary. A vividly-told family saga, spanning two continents and a challenging way of life that Wyvill conveys with real energy and depth.

~ Sarah Sheard, Humber College School of Writing.

pages black and white photographs and family tree

214 pages
$20.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-52-2 214

Barns of the Queen's Bush

By Jon Radojkovic

Barns of the Queen's Bush cover

Launched in a barn where you are as likely to hear classical music as the cooing of pigeons or the lowing of cows, a book celebrating traditional timber-frame structures is one of the most popular publications of the Brucedale Press.

Barns of the Queen's Bush, written by Jon Radojkovic, chronicles twenty-three barns and two mills. While many of the featured barns are familiar to travellers on country roads in Grey and Bruce, several are gone. It's partly those disappearances that prompted Jon to compile the book.

"I tried to capture through photographs the intricate designs and craftsmanship of 19th century builders," he says. "These large timber frames, some 30 metres by 20 metres, were put together without one nail--only accurate notching and hardwood dowels have held whole barns together for over a hundred years."

Barns of the Queen's Bush includes a chapter on barn raisings and a guide to the language of barn-building. It features more than 200 photographs, as well as line drawings by Durham-area artist Mary Tripp MacCarl. Both a quality softcover version and a limited hardcover edition are available.

For the past ten years, Jon Radojkovic has freelanced as a photographer and journalist with the Owen Sound daily newspaper, The Sun Times, and local weeklies such as The Chesley Enterprise andThe Markdale Standard, and the monthly Mosaic. Barns of the Queen's Bush is his first book.


Third printing now available. This edition uses Forest Stewardship Council certified papers and remains at $35.00/copy.

160 pages
$35.00 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-15-5 978-1-896922-15-7

Beloved Muskoka

Diaries & Recollections of Elizabeth Penson
By Joan E. McHugh

Beloved Muskoka cover

Elizabeth Penson (1884 - 1974) described herself as a Science teacher with a tendency to dream.

In her ninetieth year, living with her grand-niece, Elizabeth Penson rediscovered her journals from the early decades of the 1900s. Reading them allowed her to recall her youth, her passion for studies, time teaching in Saskatchewan, and years pioneering as a female in high school science labs. Backgrounding all: a romantic story set in the District of Muskoka, where she delighted in family summers and eventually retired.

. . .memories, a vast sea of them, seem to lift me on a rising swell and whisper to me in the trough as I close my eyes. I am floating away through childhood memories of long ago.

Joan McHugh has drawn on her great aunt's diaries and recollections to introduce a complex woman living, working, and daring in what is sometimes regarded as a simpler time.

Beloved Muskoka
144 pages, quality softcover
$22.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-43-0


Big Bay North Keppel The Way It Was

Big Bay North Keppel The Way It Was by Lynne Porter

Lynne Porter has again created a community chronicle from the settlement era to the 1950s. Her detailed drawings plus photographs from family albums illustrate the buildings and people, many long gone.

108 pages ISBN 1-978-896922-71-3 quality softcover binding $20.00


Birding the Bruce Peninsula. 

By Mike Pickup

Birding the Bruce Peninsula cover

Gather your binoculars, your camera, your favourite field guide, and this book. Take along your spirit of adventure and experience the many habitats the Bruce offers. Spiral bound for convenience in travelling, this 56-page guide includes a map and details on 38 birding hotspots, with a checklist of birds you're likely to see.

Southampton and Chantry Island
Chesley Lake, Maryville Lake, and Sauble Beach
Oliphant, Boat Lake, and Rankin River
Isaac Lake and Sky Lake
Red Bay and St. Jean’s Point
Black Creek Provincial Park and Stokes Bay
Dorcas Bay and Tobermory
Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five National Marine Park 
Crane Lake, the Sparrow Fields, and Dyer’s Bay
Cabot Head and the Provincial Nature Reserve
Lion’s Head and the Ferndale Flats
Hopeness, Purple Valley, and Colpoys Bay
Wiarton and Oxenden
Lindenwood Road, Shouldice, and Shallow Lake

$13.00 in Canada. ****13 Nov. 2020 - temporarily out of stock. Please email ****

ISBN 978-1-896922-36-2

Birding Saugeen Shores

including MacGregor Point Provincial Park
By Mike Pickup

Birding Saugeen Shores cover

Mike Pickup, author of Birding the Bruce Peninsula, takes readers on seven tours of his home community in Bruce County. With grasslands, forests, and waterfront on both the Lake Huron shoreline and Saugeen River, it's a birding paradise in all seasons.

Discover the spots to find rarely seen birds: Red-Headed Woodpecker, Savannah Sparrow, or Black-Billed Cuckoo. Others pass through on their migrations: Glossy Ibis, Whimbrel, Snowy Egret, Marbled Godwit, and many songbirds. Even in winter, birds add their colour to the landscape.

MacGregor Point Provincial Park hosts the annual Huron Fringe Birding Festival each spring at the height of warbler migration. Mike has been an active volunteer with the Friends of MacGregor since the festival’s early days.

Bring your binoculars, field guide, and curiosity, and go birding with Mike.

62 pages spiral bound to open flat for backpacks, full-colour cover, eight sketch maps.
$13.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-47-41

Birding Southern Bruce County

By Mike Pickup

Birding the Bruce Peninsula cover

From the author of Birding the Bruce Peninsula and Birding Saugeen Shores

Mike Pickup draws on decades of passionate birding to guide fourteen tours, taking you to the best places in southern Bruce County to spot birds in all seasons.

* Driving directions and maps.
* Colour photographs to help identify what you see
* Checklist to record your sightings.
* Spiral-bound for comfortable fit in pocket, backpack, or glove-box.

ISBN 978-1-896922-64 -5 64 pages $13.00
The Brucedale Press

Birding Wetlands

 unforgotten dream

Birding Wetlands by Mike Pickup

Mike Pickup takes readers to visit swamps, bogs, fens, and other areas in Bruce County and nearby Grey to see birds which nest or migrate through these secluded places. With an overall trip-planning map plus sketch maps for each site from Greenock to Dorcas Bay, birders can make the most of their travels. A checklist allows recording your sightings.

Full-colour cover with some of Mike's photographs from any decades of passionate birding
48 pages ISBN 1-978-896922-70-6 spiral-bound for convenient packing $11.00


Bruce County Counts

Words by Shelley Norman, pictures by Bobbi Switzer

Bruce County Counts cover

A colouring book that lets young children count their way around Bruce County from one ferry in the harbour at Tobermory to ten bagpipers practising for a parade in Kincardine. They can find sheep, cattle, snowmobiles, tractors, hikers, windmills, and kids fishing and building a sand castle. Wiarton Willie is here too.

12 pages, 8.5 x 11
$4.95 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-44-7

BRUCE Day by Day

UPDATED Edition available

Artist Kenneth L. Thornburn, Researcher/compiler Anne Duke Judd

BRUCE Day by Day cover

This popular every-year diary celebrates the heritage of Bruce County including birthdays for NHL hockey players, renowned nurses, and events such as major storms and shipwrecks.

You'll be surprised at the variety of inventions, firsts, celebrations, and whimsy that mark the days from 1850 to 2011.


Format includes 54 original drawings by Kenneth L. Thornburn., spiral bound
$15.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-96922-58-4


Christmas Seasonings

Christmas Seasonings

Michael O'Neill offers 14 heart-warming short stories of ordinary people--past and present--as they anticipate and celebrate the meanings of Christmas.


Home for Christmas
The Visitors
Grandpa and the Kid
A Christmas Picture
A Midwinter's Dream
The Christmas Hitchhiker
The Christmas Card
A Christmas Homing Device
Christmas Kitchen
Christmas Clothes
Keeping the Nativity
Christmas Downtown

Large Print Edition
$17.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-66-9



CORKY cover

CORKY by M. Suzanne Sloan

CORKY—a dog who touches many lives—in a book that shows the redemptive power of human/animal connections.

The dog's present and past owners—an immigrant farmer, a boutique owner, and a tourist-lodge worker— can scarcely believe their Airedale is charged with killing a man. Will the bond between Corky and one of his humans save the day?

Quality softcover, 218 pages
The Brucedale Press
ISBN 978-1-896922-62-1
$20.00 in Canada

Dance More Often

Jennifer Frankum's second collection of poetry.

Dance More Often cover

As daughter, granddaughter, teacher, traveller, mother, wife and lover, Jennifer Frankum lets us hear the remembered melodies of her life.

Mourning, yet moving on from her mother’s death, she expresses both sadness and wonder in poetry that invites readers to turn their backs on everydayness of dust bunnies, difficult partings, and dying grandmothers to dance more often.

A perfect gift book for mothers, daughters, and the men who love them.

64 pages
$13.50 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-28-7 978-1-896922-28-7

Daughters and Other Strangers

~ ~
By Sandy Conrad, cover art by Gary Hammell, Beach Stone Studio

Daughters and Other Strangers cover

The eight stories in this collection plant characters firmly in the author's home territory, then send them into paths of danger and possible destruction.

As women and their families deal with crisis and crime, readers encounter stories full of strangers with dear and familiar faces: farming neighbours, a writer in a real-estate day job, a teacher searching for a missing colleague and friend. While not all the stories in this collection are of the mystery genre, every story does deal with the greatest mystery of all—the human heart.

120 pages, softcover
$15.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-54-6


Elements of Grace

Dawna Proudman's first collection of poetry.

Elements of Grace cover

Arranged in four sections: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, these poems contrast the wry heat of emotion with the warmth of kitchen comforts.

While honouring the shades, fears, and griefs of life, Dawna Proudman's words speak of redemption, healing, and finally, contentment.

94 pages, soft cover
$16.00 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-33-3 978-1-896922-33-1

Even Cows go to Heaven

veterinary antics of the 1960s
By Linda Knox

Even Cows go to Heaven cover

From gentlemen cows to sunburned sows, Doc Knox treated them all, driving the country roads in his black, red-winged Pontiac.

Linda's father, Doctor Mel Knox, served as Owen Sound and Grey County's Public Health Veterinarian, and raised cattle, goats, pigs, chickens, cats and Elkhounds on the family farm, Rock Acres, on the Niagara Escarpment near Owen Sound.

At the Knox Veterinary Clinic, in barns and barnyards, at horse races and rotisserie chicken vendors, adventures of Doctor Mel Knox yield a harvest of humour. The book recalls life in a family that included Norwegian Elkhound nannies and AWOL pigs. 

Linda says, "The inspiration for this book came to me as I read James Herriot's amusing and poignant British veterinary books during the 1960s. Since I saw many similar attributes in my father's veterinary practice, I was motivated to record his adventures—someday."

One of the few writers to hold a Certificate in Dog and Cat Nursing from the Knox Clinic, Linda says, "I had plenty of personal experience and memories that helped me to write the descriptions of people and places."

Even Cows Go to Heaven is a quality soft-cover book of 144 pages. Full-colour cover art by Kristina Maus will make you smile, and the tales inside will prompt chuckles from readers.

$14.95 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-30-9 978-1-896922-30-0

Fiddle and Fly

By Neil Aitken

Fiddle and Fly cover

Egremont Township, 1867. Thirteen-year-old Ernest Wood tells of his life in a squatter's family: clearing land, tending the trapline, field work and barn-raising. But there's fun too, as he becomes friends with neighbours, especially Robert Aitken, a fellow fiddler.

When Pa leaves to serve with the military, Ernest, his mother and sisters cope at home.

Inspired by the real-life experiences of his ancestors in Canada West, Neil Aitken has crafted a novel to intrigue readers young and old with the adventures of two lads in the Queen's Bush.

184 pages, Quality Softcover     $18.00     ISBN 978-1-896922-38-6
Cover art by Margaret Quarrie and inside graphics by Bill Boyer.

Student activity pages to accompany reading of Fiidle and Fly. Developed and used by a classroom teacher, these pages can be downloaded to motivate and engage students.

Thanks to Laurie Aitken's wish to share, The Brucedale Press makes these available at no charge; however, we are interested in feedback from users - Email:


FrontRunners Niigaanibatowaad

By Laura Robinson

FrontRunners Niigaanibatowaad cover

This powerful two-act play reveals the hidden story of the Aboriginal runners who carried the torch to the 1967 Pan-American Games at Winnipeg. Denied access to the stadium at that time, in 1999 the surviving runners received an apology from the Province and a standing ovation from the crowd. Laura Robinson has worked closely with surviving frontrunners to create a script that begins when they were boys in residential school. The play forms the basis for the film of the same title, to be distributed by the NFB.

The book includes full text of the script, the playwright’s notes, cast lists, and still photographs.

FrontRunners on DVD is now distributed through the National Film Board.

60 pages, size 8.5 x 11, stapled, Full-colour cover
$12.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-39-3

Grandma's Turkeys

By Sally Raspin

Grandma's Turkeys cover

Life at Orchard Knoll Farm seemed too quiet until Grandpa Jim had a good idea. Grandma's Turkeys tells the story of one spring and summer when a small flock of turkeys turned Orchard Knoll into a real farm.

With colourful art that brings the story alive, Sally Raspin's book takes young children along as the turkey chicks grow and explore. Delightful for reading aloud.

28 pages 8 x 8, Full colour
$10.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-51-5


Tales of Farm Life 1913-1976

Harvest Dust

John R. Hardy's vivid account of life on a family farm from one hundred years ago to the final auction sale. Generously illustrated with images from family albums that take readers through the seasons: seeding and blossoms, haying and harvest, autumn colour and winter sparkle. His grandparents' farm was often visited by legendary photographer Reuben R. Sallows, who used the Hardys' operation to represent Ontario agriculture.

Designed by Bill Boyer, the pages of Harvest Dust evoke a bygone era in nostalgic detail.

John R. Hardy is the author/photographer of Rusty Rails: a photographic record of branchline railways in Midwestern Ontario 1961 – 1996 and Canadian Rail Travel.

Quality softcover edition 100 pages 8 x 10 inches 21 pages colour photographs, many B&W images
$33.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-55-3

Heroes in Waiting: The 160th Bruce Battalion in the Great War

By Allan Bartley

Heroes in Waiting: The 160th Bruce Battalion in the Great War cover

The story of the men away, through their letters, diaries and memoirs, and of their families and communities at home, a generation of Canadians whose shadow falls on us yet.

224 pages, 16 page photo section, hardcover
$27.95 in Canada
ISBN 0-9698716-8-6 978-0-9698716-8-2

Indian River Tales

Compiled by Anne Duke Judd

Indian River Tales cover

Compiled by Anne Duke Judd from the Muskoka Roots Collection, a scrapbook history of Port Carling's real main street, the Indian River.

138 pages, over 100 photos, softcover
NOW 15.00 in Canada
ISBN 0-9698716-4-3 978-0-9698716-4-4

Package of 5 matching notecards with colour photographs by Robert D. Judd $4.50


By Cori Mordaunt


Will Lindsay, son of the Point Clark lightkeeper, is nearly thirteen—old enough to put down hay, drive the old horse for the school-day run, and catch wild turkeys with his friend Angus. When his father must leave for town, Will takes responsibility for the light. He has practised in the lantern room during calm weather, but a hurricane-force wind is blowing. Ice clouds the windows through which the beacon must shine to aid ships in danger on Lake Huron. Cori Mordaunt vividly portrays realities of The great storm of 1913 as Will struggles to Keep the Light Burning.

Cover art by Phil McDonald
Winner of the Word Award for Young Adult General Market Fiction, announced September 28, 2021.

 Saugeen Times coverage 

156 pages     C$15.00 retail in Canada     ISBN 1-978-896922-72-0

Created by experienced teacher Craig Campbell, the Student Activity Guide for Keep the Light Burning includes background information, working pages, and suggestions for guided or independent study.


The novel explores themes of responsibility, family, friendship, bullying and loss set amid the very real Great Storm of 1913, when nearly 300 lives were lost as large, cargo-carrying lake freighters foundered in waves up to 35 feet high. Suitable for ages 11-up, Grades 6-9, and students with differing needs and interests.


The author and publisher give consent for copying the working pages for student use at no cost. Feedback from teachers and parents is welcome.
The Brucedale Press makes these available at no charge- Email:


Lakeshore Landmarks

Lakeshore Landmarks cover

Explore the colourful coast of Bruce County in 24 dramatic images by photographer Fran Sanagan. Laura M. Gateman's text presents the lure and lore of landmarks along the shore.

24 pages, softcover
$5.00 in Canada
ISBN 0-9698716-3-5 978-0-9698716-3-7

Lighten Up, Eh!

Lighten Up, Eh! cover

Twelve humorous short stories explore Bruce County's funny side. Photograph and biography of each author.

92 pages, softcover
$5.00 in Canada
ISBN 0-9698716-2-7 978-0-9698716-2-0


More Sunset Musings

By Bob Johnston

More Sunset Musings

In this second collection from columns in the on-line Saugeen Times, Bob Johnston reflects on the summer years of life. 

cover art by Kenneth L. Thornburn
 book details:ISBN 9781896922768  128 pages   quality softcover 
 $22.00 in Canada.


More Tales of the Unusual

By Diane Madden

More Tales of the Unusual cover

More Tales of the Unusual takes readers to some of Ontario's most intriguing places to explore the odd and eerie.

100 pages, softcover
$9.99 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-23-6 978-1-896922-23-2

Now That You Are Two

A picturebook with words by Jennifer Frankum and art by Brianne Maas.

Stowaway in the White Hurricane

A toddler's newfound mobility allows many discoveries – splashing in puddles, watching bugs on logs, exploring indoors and out.

Jennifer Frankum's playful rhymes and jaunty rhythm anticipate the two-year-old's year of new experiences.

Brianne Maas has created bold primary-coloured illustrations for every action.

A book to be treasured by youngsters, their parents, grandparents and caregivers.

$10.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-59


Our Spirit Unbroken

By Andrew B. Cox, DFM

Our Spirit Unbroken cover

After more than 40 successful missions in World War II, Andrew Cox was shot down over Germany, and spent nearly five years as a POW. 

His memoirs of that time are presented in Our Spirit Unbroken where he finds humour even in prison camp situations.

We are proud to announce that this book has been selected by The Dominion Institute for their Bridges to Remembrance School Project. The Institute recommended it as a book for branches of the Royal Canadian Legion to donate to school libraries across Canada, and will assist schools who wish to host author Andrew Cox. More information is available on the Memory Project website.

140 pages, softcover
$16.95 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-11-2 978-1-896922-11-9

OXENDEN The Way It Was

by Lynne Porter

OXENDEN The Way It Was cover

The tale of two villages that evolved into one community. 38 vignettes recall the early years of Native occupation, the settlers who displaced the original inhabitants, and the more recent families who enjoy the scenic setting. Winding through time, the stories and original drawings by the author depict buildings past and present.Accounts of hardship and misery, hope and dreams show the profound connections among residents over a century and a half. OXENDEN The Way It Was concludes in the 1950s, as a new era changed everything.

The Brucedale Press
ISBN 978-1-896922-67-6


96 pages with four archival maps and forty-one detailed drawings

Paddle to Rattlesnake Island

By Donna Stewart, illustrated by Lin Souliere

Paddle to Rattlesnake Island cover

#1 in the Brucedale Backpackers series of outdoor adventure stories for young readers. Katie and Matt learn kayaking skills and find excitement on a camping trip.

88 pages, softcover
$7.95 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-21-X 978-1-896922-21-8


By John G. Mackay

RESTLESS on Huron cover

From 1937 until the mid 1960s, RESTLESS and RESTLESS TOO carried passengers along the coast of Lake Huron between Port Elgin and Southampton, Ontario. John G. Mackay rode aboard from babyhood while his father, George Mackay, operated the vessel. Later, John crewed for both his father and partner Addie Cairns. To present the story of the building and sailing of the boats, John has spent several years researching old newspapers, family documents, and interviewing those who recall the harbours as they once were.

Generously illustrated with nostalgic photographs, this book will stir memories of the many folks for whom a ride on RESTLESS highlighted summer on the lakeshore.

80 pages quality softcover 5.5 x 8.5 inches with more than 60 nostalgic photographs
$10 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-40-9

Rusty Rails

A photographic record of branchline railways in Midwestern Ontario 1961-1996
By John R. Hardy

Rusty Rails cover

Documents 35 years in the history of rural transportation. With more than 200 original photographs by the author, this book coveys a personal approach to the rail lines that once criss-crossed the Ontario map.

168 pages, quality softcover with 8 full-colour and many B& W photos
$34.95 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-20-1 978-1-896922-20-1

Saugeen Stories

Edited by Dawna Proudman

Saugeen Stories cover

Fifteen pieces of prose and poetry celebrate the Saugeen River. Biography and photograph of each author.

112 pages, softcover
$7.50 in Canada
ISBN 0-9698716-6-X 978-0-9698716-6-8


Edited by Corinne Robertson-Brown

Shorewords cover

Twenty-three writers respond to Lake Huron in poetry and prose. Biography and photograph of each author.

Foreword by Joan Fern Shaw

120 pages, softcover
$7.50 in Canada
ISBN 0-9698716-0-0 978-0-9698716-0-6

Skiing in Black Bear Park

By Donna Stewart, illustrated by Lin Souliere

Skiing in Black Bear Park cover

#2 in the Brucedale Backpackers series of outdoor adventure stories for young children.

When Katie and Matt go winter camping, they learn to cross-country ski, and glide into an adventure.

100 pages, softcover
$8.95 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-22-8 978-1-896922-22-5

Skyhill Stories

Skyhill Stories cover

Skyhill Stories text and art by Lillian Burgess

What began as a simple desire on the part of Lillian Burgess and her husband to build a house and work the land turned into a decades-long relationship with a small piece of the earth they named Skyhill Farm. The slow process of shaping and in turn, being shaped by this farm, has given all beings who live there a home, a place where they truly belong.

Skyhill Stories offers a quilt-like piecing together of many years of observations. Some early readers have suggested this book is a love story...

Fully illustrated in colour quality softcover

The Brucedale Press
ISBN 978-1-896922-63-8
$45.00 in Canada

Somebody Move the Cat!

A family's up, down, and sideways journey
By Sheila Balls

Somebody Move the Cat cover
cover art created by Lin Souliere

From her two-fold career as a teacher and musician, Sheila Balls draws humorous and touching anecdotes that will tickle readers' funny bones and strike chords of recognition.

As varied and satisfying as the foods at a community potluck supper, the more than forty personal reflections in Somebody Move the Cat! bring the flavour of fun to the adventures of family life.

Artist Lin Souliere has created cover art that conveys the warmth of Sheila's writing, welcoming readers into another quality softcover book that makes an ideal gift.

In a review of Somebody Move the Cat! [The Observer, March 2005] Muriel Duncan wrote, "These short anecdotes can be enjoyed a handful at a time but they are addictive enough to be totally consumed at a sitting."

144 pages,softcover
$14.95 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-27-9 978-1-896922-27-0


Stowaway in the White Hurricane

An adventure novel for tween and teen readers.

Stowaway in the White Hurricane


    Thirteen-year-old Lucy Clark is a fast runner and a girl with spirit, but she hates the nickname Lucy Landlubber. Defying her bullies and her fears, she hides aboard the Great Lakes freighter J. S. McConnell, where her father is wheelsman.

When they leave Cleveland, Ohio, on Friday, November 7, 1913, loaded with coal and other goods for ports on the Ontario coast, no one knows they will be caught in the Lakes` worst storm--the white hurricane. Like a nightmare come true, Lucy and the McConnell crew face fierce winds, high waves, and dangerous cold.

Barbara Aggerholm has drawn on accounts of the historic storm and her own experience as a newspaper reporter to create a tale of high drama and heroism. Stowaway in the White Hurricane is her second novel for young readers.

Cover art created by Phil McDonald.

116 pages softcover
$15.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-56-0

NEW! for teachers and home-schooling parents
Student activity sheets to accompany reading of Stowaway in the White Hurricane. Developed and used by a classroom teacher, these pages can be downloaded to motivate and engage students.
Thanks to Dave Neil's wish to share, The Brucedale Press makes these available at no charge; however, we are interested in feedback from users.
Click here to download the STUDENT ACTIVITY PAGES.

Strong in my Skin

By Jennifer Frankum

Strong in my Skin cover

Jennifer Frankum's poetry has appeared in several Canadian literary journals, and in the anthology Saugeen Stories, published by The Brucedale Press in 1996. A mother, a daughter and granddaughter, she is keenly aware of connections between generations of women, and the men in their lives.

A retired teacher of Secondary School English, she lives in Port Elgin.
Jennifer Frankum is poetry editor of The Leaf.

72 pages, softcover
$12.00 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-09-0 978-1-896922-09-6

Sunset Musings

By Bob Johnston

Sunset Musings

Bob Johnston reflects on many topics from the springtime of youth in this compilation of his columns in Saugeen Times.

Join columnist Bob Johnston as he watches the sunset and reflects on many topics from the springtime of his youth: schooldays, sports, family life to the world we live in now.

Some chapters:
My Piggy Bank Caper
The Day the Music Died
It's All Downhill From Here
The Toronto-Selma Connection
Only an Hour for the Earth
The Queen and I
Let's Play Ball
A Corvette on the North Atlantic
Running Around
....and forty more

From the Foreword by Sandy Lindsay, editor/publisher of the online Saugeen Times: ~ gems of wisdom that, more often than not, are interspersed with Bob's dry wit and sense of humour.


To view Sandy Lindsay's interview with Bob, click here


Images Cover of book
cover art by Kenneth L. Thornburn
book details:   128 pages   8.5 x 7.75 inches
ISBN 978-1-896922-73-7   quality softcover
PRICE in Canada $22.00 Available spring 2021




Tales of the Unusual "True" Mysteries of Bruce and Grey

By Diane Madden

Tales of the Unusual cover

Need a campfire tale with a little tingle? Looking for spirited stories to enjoy by the beach? Diane Madden has collected a fascinating record of unexplained happenings and strange feelings, all set in the Bruce-Grey area.

Now in its fifth printing

90 pages, softcover
$9.99 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-06-6 978-1-896922-06-5

The Big Wind

The Big Wind cover

When the big wind began, Jack and Abbi were safe inside, but Grandma was in the tree house. The gusts caught her and blew her high over Orchard Knoll. Grandma liked seeing the farm from the sky, but she wanted to come down. Could Jack and Abbi save her?

Sally Raspin’s art shows just what Grandma saw as she flew over Orchard Knoll, the farm where Sally and Grandpa Jim live and grow many vegetables and fruits.

Sally Raspin is the author/illustrator of Grandma's Turkeys.

28 pages 8 x 8 Full colour
Canada $10.00
ISBN 978-1-896922-53-9

The Brucedale Family Reader

Edited by Katharine Ferguson

The Brucedale Family Reader cover

The Brucedale Reader is a collection to wrap yourself in on wintry evenings or read aloud under a summer-shady tree. With the heart and eye of a fabric artist, Katharine Ferguson has pieced together familiar materials in different shapes, combining them with new textures and patterns.

Created in the inspiring Queen's Bush area of Ontario, The Brucedale Family Reader reflects the natural Bruce and its people in prose, poetry and art. The sixty-some contributors have produced works totalling roughly double their own number: stories, articles, poetry, drawings from a talented group who know and love the Bruce.

180 pages, spiral-bound
NOW $15.00 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-10-4 978-1-896922-10-2

The Mysterious Bruce

The Mysterious Bruce cover

Six short mysteries, each set in the Bruce. Visit Point Clark Lighthouse, the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant, Walkerton Jail. Explore the Georgian Bay shore, the wilds of the Bruce Peninsula, and the heart of a Wiarton storekeeper. Includes biographies and photographs of the authors.

92 pages, softcover
$5.00 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-02-3 978-1-896922-02-7



The Phantom Piper

By Barbara Aggerholm

The Phantom Piper cover

It's David's first night at his grandad's in the small lakeside town where he's staying for the summer. . .

He missed his own room, its walls covered with posters of the Toronto Maple Leafs, his favourite hockey team. He missed the warm feeling he got when he turned the lights off and gazed at the fluorescent stars on the ceiling. When David finally tossed off the covers and closed his eyes, he drifted into a strange dream. In the dream, he struggled to keep control of a small boat while the lake rose around him. A huge wave swept over the boat. He clung to the mast as another wave bore down on him. Just as it smashed against the boat, he heard the faint sound of bagpipes. . .

With his new friend Emily, David finds real-life adventures on Lake Huron and meets The Phantom Piper.

#3 in the Brucedale Backpackers series of outdoor adventures for young readers

Cover design and illustrations by Lin Souliere of Dragonfly Ridge Studio, Lion's Head.

84 pages, quality softcover
$8.95 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-31-7 978-1-896922-31-7

For Barbara Aggerholm`s second book, look at Stowaway in the White Hurricane


Thirty Years on Call, A Country Doctor's Family Life

By Doris Pennington

Thirty Years on Call, A Country Doctor's Family Life cover

Born in Grey County in 1888, Robert James Tucker taught in rural schools to pay for his university studies. After medical service in World War I and Queen's Military Hospital at Kingston, he cared for people of Paisley, Ontario, until his sudden death in 1948. Viola Huton Tucker, his wife, was a nurse; they met in Kingston, and, after the birth of their first baby, the young couple left the city. In Thirty Years On Call, their second daughter, Doris, reveals the challenges and joys of their family life.

196 pages, softcover
$18.95 Canada
ISBN 1-896922-14-7 978-1-896922-14-0

Tooling Around

By Michael O'Neill

Tooling Around

Tooling Around with Michael O'Neill takes readers down into trenches, up ladders, and around a hilly farm in midwestern Ontario. One day in the barn, the next in a wet basement, Mike applies humour in all situations. Equally handy with pitchfork, pipe wrench, and pen, he spins tales of on-the-job challenges and family fun.

Meet his helper Lady Bertha, the heifers that almost got away, and the grandsons who want him to play in the tree house. You'll chuckle as you follow Mike into crawl spaces and attics. Ride with him as Big Zed tackles thistles and a not-quite-all-terrain vehicle gives him a few surprises.

Michael O'Neill's stories have appeared in the weekly Lucknow Sentinel, a pair of independently published books, and the collection Our Farmily Farm: stories from Bruce & Grey.

The Brucedale Press $18.00 in Canada ISBN 978-1-896922-61-4

Now available in a Large Print edition.
ISBN 978-1-896922-65-2      $20.00


unforgotten dream

 unforgotten dream

unforgotten dream by Judy Lowry

Judy Lowry, a longtime writer and artist from Grey County, presents many new works along with some previously published.

A free flowing collection, unforgotten dream offers one poem leading to another, not always smoothly, reminiscent of dissonant music. As is much of Lowry's work, this writing is personal and autobiographical, also concerning itself with the human condition. Social commentary and raw emotion stand side by side whether the poet looks back or contemplates the future.


Reviewer Daniel Kolos wrote: Lowry carries the past like a trauma she cannot let go. That past...turns into her muse: pain and beauty alternately drive her.


ISBN 978-1-896922-63-8 softcover $15.00


Walking Home

By David W. Beverly-Foster

 walking home

Walking home from Waterloo, Ontario, where he attended university, Dave Beverly-Foster followed the Grand River then traced the North Saugeen River. For twelve days, he trekked over 200 kilometres—on roads and rail trails, over bridges, through swamp, forest, and farmland, camping wherever he found shelter.

In this book, he reflects upon his experiences—earnest and absurd—and considers humans’ relationship with the land.
His photographs show the diverse rural terrain and the range of April weather he encountered.

240 pages including 8 pages of colour images.

ISBN978-1-896922-69-0 quality softcover $20.00

Why Not? a memoir in black and white

By Carolyn Muir Helfenstein

Why Not? a memoir in black and white

The feisty farmer who took on ownership of a small-town weekly newspaper recalls the ups and downs of life as co-publisher. In the twelve years that Carol and Harry Helfenstein published and edited The Teeswater News, they and their staff won fifteen awards. Starting in their own home on the Second Concession, they grew to an operation that presented two weeklies and several agriculturally oriented publication

From covering the Line in the Dirt farmers' crisis to getting obituaries right, they faced the challenges and felt the satisfactions of active involvement in their community and beyond. We proudly offer this book as celebration of an important aspect of rural life and proof that farmers can do anything.

240 pages illustrated with photographs from the files of The Teeswater News
$25.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-41-6

Yet More Tales of the Unusual

Collected by Diane Madden

Yet More Tales of the Unusual cover

Mysteries in our history Diane Madden's third collection takes us from the Bruce Peninsula to Great Lakes Erie and Ontario, and from past to near-present. What do Beautiful Joe, Tom Thomson, Jack the Ripper, and The Girl With the Blue Eyes have in common? They-and tales about them-show up in this book. Hauntings, rum runners, and "pennies from heaven" all appear in this new collection of usual happenings

100 pages quality softcover
$9.99 in Canada