Young Adult Readers

Adventures of Elizabeth Salisbury
by Nancy-Lou Patterson
all are quality softcover format with full-colour covers
Barricade Summer
In this highly-praised novel set on the Bruce Peninsula, Elizabeth 
and her younger brothers explore its ‘cold and hidden histories’ 
and find themselves in the middle of a years-unsolved mystery.
Grade 5 and up
ISBN  0-9698716-7-8         154 pages                                 $10.00
The Quilted Grapevine
Elizabeth and her brothers discover a beautiful but mysterious 
quilt. Elizabeth risks her life to find out who made it, who kept it, 
and the meaning of its distinctive patterns.  Grade 5 and up
ISBN 1-896922-12-0         154 pages                                $10.00
The Haunted Bed & Breakfast
Accompanying her professor mother to a writing conference, 
Elizabeth and her best friend Malinda explore the house and 
community. Can they solve a mystery in real life without hurting 
anyone? Grade 7 and up
ISBN 1-896922-25-2                    140 pages                      $10.00

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