Rural Heritage

Jon Radojkovic, timber-framer and journalist, has recorded and 
photographed twenty-three barns and two mills 
Full-colour cover, 160 pages, 8.5 high x 11 wide
More than 200 B&W photos; drawings by Mary Tripp MacCarl
ISBN 1-896922-15-5    quality softcover     xx pages               $35.00
Inspired by the experiences of ancestors who pioneered on the 
land he farms, Neil Aitken’s novel delights young and old with 
the adventures of two lads in the Queen’s Bush of 1867. Cover 
art by Marg Quarrie, and period advertising and notes within. 
ISBN 978-1-896922-38-6     186 pages   softcover                $18.00
railways in Midwestern Ontario 1961-1996
John R. Hardy shares his remarkable record of abandoned rail 
lines and stations in more than 200 photographs, 8 in full colour.
Full-colour cover, 8.5 wide x 11 high    
ISBN 1-896922-20-1        168 pages   softcover                 $34.95
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