Real Lives

Agnes Macphail in High School
Donna Mann continues the story of the youth of Agnes 
Macphail, as the young woman takes her place at Owen Sound 
Collegiate and learns debating skills. All ages. RL Grade 7 up
ISBN 978-1-896922-46-1    194 pages                         $20.00
Donna Mann recreates the childhood of Agnes Macphail, 
Canada’s first woman Member of Parliament. The book shows 
how early years on the farm in Grey County shaped the later 
success of a Canadian hero. All ages, reading level Grade 5 up.  
ISBN 978-1-896922-37-9     136 pages                        $15.00
Diaries & Recollections of Elizabeth Penson
Joan E. McHugh uses her great-aunt’s journals, letters, and 
memories to recall her studies, teaching in Saskatchewan, and as 
a female in science labs of Ontario high schools. Shining through 
the book is her love of Muskoka where she encountered 
romance.Quality softcover. Illustrated with nostalgic photos.
ISBN 978-1-896922-43-0        144 pages                    $22.00
Veterinary Antics of the 1960s with Mel Knox DVM
Linda Knox relates the stories her veterinarian father told of a 
practice that included pets, farm livestock, and health 
ISBN 1-896922-30-9     140 pages    quality softcover              $14.95
Allan Bartley
The story of the men away—through letters, diaries and 
memoirs—and of their families and communities at home. 
16 pages of B&W photos Laminated board cover in full colour
ISBN 0-9698716-8-6     224 pages                                   $27.95
Andrew B. Cox, DFM 
Courage, comradeship, and a sense of humour helped this young 
airman survive nearly five years of deprivaton. Cover art and 13 
line drawings by the author.  140 pages, quality softcover
ISBN 1-896922-11-2                                                       $16.95
Sheila Balls shares her family’s up, down, and sideways journey in 
a book that will make readers laugh, smile, and cry. Full-colour 
cover art by Lin Souliere.
ISBN 1-896922-27-9   142 pages quality softcover         $14.95
Doris Pennington’s memoir of her father, whom his patients 
considered their ‘best friend’ in a book that evokes life in a closeknit 
community. B&W photographs from the author’s collection
ISBN 1-896922-14-7        186 pages   quality softcover            $18.95
Walking home from Waterloo, Ontario, where he attended university, Dave Beverly-Foster followed the Grand River then traced the North Saugeen River. For twelve days, he trekked over 200 kilometres—on roads and rail trails, over bridges, through swamp, forest, and farmland, camping wherever he found shelter.
In this book, he reflects upon his experiences—earnest and absurd—and considers humans’ relationship with the land. His photographs show the diverse rural terrain and the range of April weather he encountered.
240 pages including 8 pages of colour images     ISBN978-1-896922-69-0    quality softcover $20.00
Carolyn Muir Helfenstein and her husband, feisty dairy farmers, 
take up publishing a weekly newspaper. The book recalls twelve 
years of ups and downs, news and personalities. Photo section 
from the files of The Teeswater News.  
ISBN 978-1-896922-41-6      240 pages   quality softcover        $25.00