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Dance More Often

Jennifer Frankum's second collection of poetry.

Dance More Often cover

As daughter, granddaughter, teacher, traveller, mother, wife and lover, Jennifer Frankum lets us hear the remembered melodies of her life.

Mourning, yet moving on from her mother’s death, she expresses both sadness and wonder in poetry that invites readers to turn their backs on everydayness of dust bunnies, difficult partings, and dying grandmothers to dance more often.

A perfect gift book for mothers, daughters, and the men who love them.

64 pages
$13.50 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-28-7 978-1-896922-28-7

Elements of Grace

Dawna Proudman's first collection of poetry.

Elements of Grace cover

Arranged in four sections: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, these poems contrast the wry heat of emotion with the warmth of kitchen comforts.

While honouring the shades, fears, and griefs of life, Dawna Proudman's words speak of redemption, healing, and finally, contentment.

94 pages, soft cover
$16.00 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-33-3 978-1-896922-33-1

FrontRunners Niigaanibatowaad

By Laura Robinson

FrontRunners Niigaanibatowaad cover

This powerful two-act play reveals the hidden story of the Aboriginal runners who carried the torch to the 1967 Pan-American Games at Winnipeg. Denied access to the stadium at that time, in 1999 the surviving runners received an apology from the Province and a standing ovation from the crowd. Laura Robinson has worked closely with surviving frontrunners to create a script that begins when they were boys in residential school. The play forms the basis for the film of the same title, to be distributed by the NFB.

The book includes full text of the script, the playwright’s notes, cast lists, and still photographs.

FrontRunners on DVD is now distributed through the National Film Board.

60 pages, size 8.5 x 11, stapled, Full-colour cover
$12.00 in Canada
ISBN 978-1-896922-39-3

Strong in my Skin

By Jennifer Frankum

Strong in my Skin cover

Jennifer Frankum's poetry has appeared in several Canadian literary journals, and in the anthology Saugeen Stories, published by The Brucedale Press in 1996. A mother, a daughter and granddaughter, she is keenly aware of connections between generations of women, and the men in their lives.

A retired teacher of Secondary School English, she lives in Port Elgin.
Jennifer Frankum is poetry editor of The Leaf.

72 pages, softcover
$12.00 in Canada
ISBN 1-896922-09-0 978-1-896922-09-6

unforgotten dream

 unforgotten dream

unforgotten dream by Judy Lowry

Judy Lowry, a longtime writer and artist from Grey County, presents many new works along with some previously published.

A free flowing collection, unforgotten dream offers one poem leading to another, not always smoothly, reminiscent of dissonant music. As is much of Lowry's work, this writing is personal and autobiographical, also concerning itself with the human condition. Social commentary and raw emotion stand side by side whether the poet looks back or contemplates the future.


Reviewer Daniel Kolos wrote: Lowry carries the past like a trauma she cannot let go. That past...turns into her muse: pain and beauty alternately drive her.


ISBN 978-1-896922-63-8 softcover $15.00