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National Poetry Month across Canada
A World of Poetry

For this 22nd annual salute to poets and poetry, the League of
Canadian Poets suggests opening yourself to poetry from other parts of
the world. See their website for more ideas on
celebrating while isolating.

Thursdays, April 9 and 16
Writers' Electronic Round Table
2-4 p.m. on-line

A temporary replacement for the usual get-togethers at the Treasure
Chest Museum in Paisley.
How it works: contact the co-ordinator, Lee Johnston to be added to the list. On Sunday, April 5
and/or 12, send your work of prose or poetry, in your usual format to
everyone so they can read it as their time allows. Sign up for SKYPE
if you have not already. Sit in on screen Thursday afternoons at 2 to
share your work and comment on others'. Sorry, you'll have to provide
your own refreshments! Consider donating to the Museum since we aren't
contributing to their coffers with this format.

Friday, April 20
Breaking Through Brick Walls in Scottish Research
7:00 p.m. EDT

In your own house Webinar, presented by Christine Woodcock, hosted by
Bruce County Genealogical Society. Open to members and all others.To
sign up, email

Tuesday, April 28
Writers' BLOC
Virtual get-together by e-mail  7 – 9 p.m.

From wherever you are, you can join this informal group, sending
others your response to the challenge in 1,000 words or less, and
seeing the comments come to your computer. To participate, please
contact by April 25 so the mailing list can be
sent to everyone. You'll receive a reminder of sharing instructions.
On the 28th, go to your inbox and find what others have created, then
share your comments. No fee, as always. This month's challenge: Choose
a colour and write a story, poem, or thoughts that colour inspires.

Thursday, April 30
Poem-in-your pocket Day

This is the day to carry a copy of a favourite poem, old or new,
written by yourself or someone else. Take it in your pocket for
inspiration, comfort, transformation, or take it out to write on the
back a list of what's good in your life, rhymed or not.

until April 30, 2020
Anthology in Progress wants submissions from Grey and Bruce

Poet Laureate Richard-Yves Sitoski is collecting your responses:
From Back Line to Front Line: COVID-19 in Grey and Bruce
How has your life been disrupted by COVID-19 – personally and
professionally? What impact has it made on you and your loved ones?
Your friends and neighbours? Your clients, customers, and audience?
And how have you responded? What have you observed and concluded about
the situation? How has life prepared you, or left you unprepared, for
what is happening? How has your life been changed? What have you done
to make life easier for yourself and for those in your circle?
Looking for short memoirs and creative non-fiction, poetry, song
lyrics, essays. Up to 1,000 words, submitted as .doc  docx  or odt.
Consideration for publication in an anthology from The Ginger Press.
Send to with “Back Line” as subject.

The William Wilfred Campbell Appreciation Society has decided they
will do their part to protect the local arts community by cancelling
this year's Poetry and Arts Festival. Entries to the poetry contest
already received at Wiarton Branch of Bruce County Library will be
held until next year's contest.